Deluxe Round Table Set Cover 30"x96" diam



Need to protect your outdoor patio table or other outdoor furniture investments? Then our deluxe, reversable Outdoor Round Table Cover is a must-have. This heavy-duty patio tablecloth is crafted from heavy-gauge PVC for tough, weather-shielding durability. You can rest assured that your furniture is protected from rain, snow, dust, UV rays and inclement weather. This handy table protector for outdoors reverses from green/beige stripe on one side to solid beige. Easy to use, this cover slips on easily to provide protection to your outdoor furniture in any season. It features an elasticized bottom for additional coverage, and “hugs” the base of your furniture to help keep it secure.

You’ll appreciate the easy maintenance — the PVC surface wipes up clean with a soft cloth. This round patio table cover measures 30" high x 96" wide.

  • Heavy-gauge PVC for tough weather-shielding durability
  • Reversing from green/beige stripe to solid beige
  • Slip on easily keeping your investment safe in any season
  • Elastic bottom and measures 30" high x 96" dia
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