Deluxe Shoe Stretcher Set of 2



If your shoes are just a little too tight, a wooden shoe stretcher will help take a load off your feet. Walter Drake is where to buy shoe stretchers that are effective and affordable. These shoe enlargers have adjustable spacers to increase the length and width of most footwear. It's a great tool for people who have an "in-between" foot that's doesn't quite fit any standard shoe size. People's feet also get longer and wider as they age, meaning shoes that fit at age 30 might not at age 40. Using a stretcher can make those dress shoes that are still in great shape fit perfectly once again.

Get a shoe stretching set and put an end to sore feet, toe blisters, structural injuries and other conditions associated with tight footwear. It costs a lot less than buying a new pair of shoes! These stretchers are made of wood and steel that stretches the sneaker without damaging it. We carry medium and large shoe stretchers for both men's and women's shoes (see the size chart below). Feel more comfortable on your feet with unique footwear accessories from Walter Drake.

  • Stretches the length and width of shoes
  • Designed in metal and wood
  • Set of 2
  • Available Sizes: men's medium (7-10), men's large (11-14), women's medium (5-8), women's large (9-11)
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