Divaderme Age Spot Cream


Reduce skin discoloration with Divaderme Age Spot Cream. This clinically proven cream for age spots uses natural botanicals, not harsh chemicals. Works to fade age spots, liver spots, freckles and other age-associated discolorations. Formulated with organic coffee stem cell fusion technology. Helps repair sun-damaged skin for a visibly brighter complexion. Renews and refreshes skin, reducing discoloration in as little as one month. Quick-absorbing, non-greasy formula brightens and evens skin tone. Natural ingredients include licorice root and bearberry extracts. 2 fl. oz.
  • Clinically proven formula to fade age spots
  • Made with natural botanicals, not harsh chemicals
  • Contains organic coffee stem cell extract and coffee seed oil
  • Reduces age spots in as little as one month
  • 2 fl. oz. cream for age spots
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