Door Security Bar


Enjoy peace of mind knowing your family and home are safe when you use this door security bar from Walter Drake. This sturdy metal bar is designed to be wedged under the doorknob. The opposite end has a grip base, which prevents the door from being opened to keep intruders out. Use the extendable bar to achieve the proper length. Setup takes just seconds, allowing you to easily secure your home at any time of the day or before bed each night.
This door security bar also collapses down to a smaller size, so you can also use it for travel. This home invasion deterrent is also popular for added security in hotel rooms.
  • Home Safety – Give yourself and your family an added measure of security and, most importantly, peace of mind with this affordable home security bar, deter burglars and attempted break-in’s, so that you are not an easy target
  • Smart Design – This strong door security bar wedges right under your door handle with its notched, plastic tip so that it can’t be forced opened from the outside, yet it can be quickly removed in case of fire or emergency
  • Quality Construction – Rugged, rubberized base provides a non-skid stopper that stays in place without scratching your surfaces, provides great traction on most floors, carpet, wood, linoleum, laminate, tile, concrete, marble and more
  • Adjustable & Easy-to-Use – Security bar features adjustable notches for a custom fit in your home, metal bar is 33 5/8 inches long and adjusts up to 38 7/8 inches long, simply push the lock pin in to allow the rod freedom to slide, twist the rod, slide to the desired length and align the notch to the pin to secure the new height in place
  • Strong & Secure – Home security bar is also a great solution to prevent your door from rattling during inclement weather, strong thunderstorms or wind tunnels
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