Easter Card Assortment, Set of 20



Looking for a whimsical way to wish friends and family a Happy Easter? Walter Drake has this festive assortment of Easter greeting cards. Our set of 20 includes 5 designs full of Easter cheer with secular photos or cartoon images of bunnies, eggs, flowers and lambs, along with 20 envelopes so they are ready to send once you sign, address and stamp them.

Spread a little Easter cheer to loved ones around or out of town with the help of our Easter greeting card assortment. Everyone loves to receive cards in the mail, and when you share your heartfelt message, you can let people know they are on your mind during the spring holiday season. Check out our other greeting card assortments to be prepared for any occasion, including holidays and birthdays.

  • Easter card assortment
  • Each card measures 4 1/8" x 5 3/8"
  • Set of 20 cards
  • Includes 20 coordinating envelopes
  • 5 secular designs and verses are appropriate for any age
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