Easy Twist Jar Opener



Unlock the simplicity of opening jars and bottles with the Easy Twist Jar Opener from Walter Drake, an innovative tool designed to conquer even the most stubborn lids. This versatile jar grip opener is a kitchen essential, combining functionality and ease-of-use in one compact design. Whether you're dealing with vacuum-sealed pickle jars or just trying to open a bottle of water, this twist bottle opener has got you covered.

Crafted for comfort and efficiency, it features a unique ergonomic design that provides a firm grip on various sizes of lids—making it especially useful as a jar opener for seniors or anyone who struggles with manual dexterity. The durable construction ensures longevity while its easy-to-twist mechanism reduces strain on hands and wrists.

Not limited to just jars, this multi-functional gadget doubles as an effective twist bottle opener, accommodating everything from soda caps to medicine bottles. Its lightweight nature makes storage effortless; tuck it away in your kitchen drawer so it's always within reach when needed.

Ideal for everyday use in any household—the Easy Twist Jar Opener is more than just an aid; it’s a solution promoting independence and confidence in kitchens everywhere. Say goodbye to the frustration of tight lids once and for all!

  • Multiple size jar and bottle gripper accommodates any type of container
  • Plastic
  • Quickly and easily opens jars and bottles without strain
  • Perfect for those with weak or arthritic hands
  • 9" long x 3 3/4" wide
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