Elastic Edge Bowl Covers Set/50



Have a tough time keeping track of what lids go to which container? Do you have plastic containers with mismatched lids coming out of your ears (and falling out of your kitchen cupboards)? With Walter Drake's elastic bowl covers, your food storage woes are over. Food storage is a snap with these elastic-edge clear bowl covers: just pop them on over the top of the bowl, plate, cup or container and you're good to go. This set of 50 bowl covers are reusable and come in five different sizes to accommodate a wide variety of containers.

Our clear plastic bowl covers are always a great idea and can greatly simplify your food storage situation. The elastic edge ensures a snug fit and the clear plastic color makes what is inside easy to see. Use in place of plastic wrap and foil for a bowl cover that is a reusable option to less convenient products that are a hassle to use. Our highly rated clear bowl covers are a customer favorite. Order yours today and see why!

  • Set of 50 elastic-edge clear plastic bowl covers
  • Comes in 5 different sizes to accommodate different container sizes (6", 7", 9" 11" and 13")
  • Elastic edging ensure that plastic bowl covers fit snugly
  • Washable and reusable
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