Electric Burner Covers - Set of 2



At Walter Drake, our affordable problem solvers and special-value items offer clever solutions to your everyday problems. Have a kitchen stove that is less than par, or do you want to cover up your electric stovetop’s coils when they aren’t in use? Our set of two Electric Stove Burner Covers will instantly add extra counter space, hide burned-on boil-overs and add a finished, tidy and organized look to your kitchen. Each electric stove cover measures 20” long x 11 ½” wide x 12” high.

Our high-quality metal burner covers for electric stoves are durable, easy to use and come in several different finishes to match your kitchen’s décor. Choose from sleek black, neutral almond or versatile white electric stove covers that will match any kitchen’s color scheme. Our metal stove top cover set will not only provide the appearance of a fresh kitchen, it can turn an otherwise unusable area into valuable food preparation space, which makes it perfect for kitchens in which counterspace is limited.

These easy-to-clean smooth electric stove covers for your stove are guaranteed to make your kitchen sparkle. Electric stove burner covers are excellent to give as housewarming gifts, wedding gifts or to folks who are first venturing out on their own. While you’re visiting Walter Drake today, be sure to check out our other microwave, oven and stove products, all of which are designed to make your kitchen a better-functioning space.

  • High-quality, smooth metal construction
  • Set of two
  • Instantly hides stubborn messes
  • adds counter space
  • 20” L x 11 1/2” W x 1/2” H each
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