Energy Balance Bracelet



Walter Drake’s Power Balance Energy Bracelets are great for anyone who sometimes feels a little out of whack. The unique design of these silicone bracelets features two dime-sized center holograms on each side, each of which interacts with the body's biological energy field. By helping to restore harmony to the energy system, a balance wristband may help you improve your physical balance and calm your nerves. Other benefits may include better concentration, increased flexibility and improved sleep patterns. The high-quality silicone material resists bacteria and odors so you can wear this unique balance bracelet 24/7 to take maximum advantage of its performance technology.

Whether you struggle with chronic balance and tension issues or you are an athlete looking for that extra edge, a power balance band can help get your body in tune with itself. It also looks great and is a real conversation starter! We offer this amazing fitness energy balance bracelet in small, medium or large sizes to accommodate multiple wrist sizes. You also can choose between a classic black or hot pink energy bracelet, depending on your style preferences.

Give your system, confidence and well-being a boost at an affordable price with this wellness balance wristband from Walter Drake. We've helped people inspire themselves and others since 1947 with unique problem solvers and hard-to-find items — all at affordable prices. Check out all we have to offer in our selection of fitness and wellness products on our site and get ready to live your best life.

  • Features a center hologram
  • Designed to interact with an individual's biological energy system
  • Durable silicone bracelet
  • Resists bacteria and odors
  • Specify size: small (7 1/2" L), medium (8" L) or large (8 1/2" L)
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