EZ Stair Rolling Cart


EZ Stair Rolling Cart helps prevent painful back strain. Unique tri-wheeled design climbs up stairs with ease. Collapsible EZ Stair Rolling Cart measures 36" L x 15" W and is constructed of super lightweight sturdy metal. Roomy imported navy nylon bag has 4 handy zippered pockets and is detachable, waterproof, and hand washable. Holds up to 120 lbs.
  • Stair Rolling Cart – Versatile shopping trolley bag goes anywhere thanks to its unique stair-climbing wheels, stay independently mobile and prevent painful back strain when moving heavy loads
  • Tri-Wheeled Design – All-terrain, tri-wheel design climbs and descends stairs and curbs as effortlessly as it glides along flat surfaces
  • Detachable Bag – Roomy nylon bag features 4 handy zippered pockets with plenty of space for groceries, water bottles, laundry and more, detachable bag is waterproof and can be spot cleaned as needed
  • Useful Dolly – Simply remove the bag, and you have a durable dolly with comfort-grip handle, multiuse dolly is capable of moving up to 120 pounds
  • Collapsible Design – Stair rolling cart is constructed of super lightweight sturdy metal and measures 36 inches tall x 15 inches wide, collapsible cart folds for compact storage
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