Fireworks Zippered Elasticized Umbrella Table Cover By Chef's Pride™



If you’re looking for a fantastic patriotic tablecloth for an outdoor umbrella table, you’re in the right place! Our red, white and blue Patriotic Fireworks Zippered Elastic Table Cover is positively bursting with Fourth of July festivities. Featuring multiple fireworks explosions against a starry dark blue background, our patriotic table cover captures the celebratory sights of America’s birthday celebration.

A convenient zipper allows for easy-on and easy-off table dressings, and the inner hole provides a hole to accommodate your table’s umbrella. You’ll appreciate the elastic edges that hug your table’s edges, which will reduce the chances of fly aways and spills on breezy days. The heavy-duty, heavy-gauge vinyl construction is stain-resistant, moisture-resistant and wipes up easily with a damp cloth. A soft, flannel backing helps further protect your furniture from scratches, scrapes and overall wear.

Whether you use this brightly colored red, white and blue table cover for a Fourth of July decoration or for everyday al fresco meals with the family, you’ll appreciate its high-quality, vibrant print that will spark American pride.

  • Moisture-resistant to protect tables from spills
  • Heavy-gauge vinyl guards against stains
  • Polyester backing prevents scratches and marring
  • Fitted design for great display
  • Wipe clean
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