Fish Turner Spatula by Home Marketplace™


This spatula's generous, stainless steel head is the perfect size for sliding beneath fish fillets and other foods for easy flipping, turning, lifting and transferring. Ideal for frying and turning sunny-side-up or scrambled eggs, vegetables, potato pancakes and delicate seafood, the long slots allow liquids and oil to drain back in to the pan, while its edged end allows functional cutting during or after cooking. Sturdy wooden handle features 3 rivets for lasting durability, and this versatile kitchen utensil works great with stainless, cast iron and enamel cookware. Exclusively designed by Home Marketplace, it's a must for any cook's kitchen. Hand washing recommended. 11 3/8" L x 3" W.
  • Long slots allow liquids and oil to drain
  • Stainless steel with sturdy wooden handle
  • Works great with stainless, cast iron and enamel cookware
  • Exclusively designed by Home Marketplace™
  • Hand wash
  • 11 3/8" long x 3" wide
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