Flexible Drain Cleaning Stick, Set of 12



Restore the regular flow of your kitchen, bathroom and garage sinks with the help of Walter Drake clogged drain sticks. If sinks and tubs are emptying slower than normal, you don't necessarily need to pour dangerous chemicals down the drain or hire a plumber to "take a look". Our 17" long drain cleaner sticks have a flexible design so they can bend and twist deep into the pipes. The reverse bristled ends latch onto hair and gunk, taking them along when you pull the stick back to the surface. Toss them in the trash when you're done without ever needing to touch the debris.

You'll feel like a plumbing professional when you use disposable clean drain sticks to get sinks and showers flowing again. This pack of 12 flexible drain cleaners is enough to perform regular maintenance or tackle a few tough jobs. Wear a pair of our all-purpose disposable gloves as you work to keep hands from contacting gunk or germs. Order them now for homes or offices to be ready whenever you notice the water's downward descent starting to slow down.

  • Keep drains clean and flowing
  • Flexible 17" long drain sticks
  • Bristled ends grab onto gunk and pull it out
  • Pack of 12 disposable sticks
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