Flexible Faucet Sprayer



Forget those pricey kitchen sink faucets with sprayers. Adding a kitchen faucet sprayer attachment is quick and easy with everyday affordable home solutions from Walter Drake. Our faucet sprayer attachment is easy to install and helps extend your reach up to six inches, which often makes all of the difference in your kitchen sink chores.

Whether you're needing to clean your dual sink, fill up your coffee reservoir or replenish the dog's water dish, you'll appreciate the difference our kitchen faucet sprayer attachment makes in carrying out your everyday chores. This is a favorite among many of our customers because it has two different flow options — stream or shower. Our swivel kitchen faucet sprayer attachment often improves the water pressure in your sink's water flow, which aids in cleaning pots, pans and helps to achieve the suds you need to do your nightly dishes. Our kitchen faucet sprayer attachment is made from durable plastic and has a chrome finish, so it will incorporate seamlessly into just about any kitchen décor or design.

  • 6" L kitchen faucet sprayer attachment
  • 1 1/4" dia.
  • Push/pull nozzle is easy to use
  • Two settings: stream or shower
  • Plastic with chrome finish
  • Installs easily within minutes
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