Flexible Fence Edging, Set of 8


With our Flexible Fence Edging, you’ll be able to instantly add that “white picket fence” look to your home. This set of 8 garden fence edges interlocks and is super easy to install. This decorative garden fence offers versatile styling that can be modified to fit just about anywhere: lawn edging, add around a tree or decorate your flower beds. The garden edging ideas for your landscape design are endless. These weather resistant, durable plastic pieces have 2 stakes each that can be inserted securely into the ground.
  • Decorative pickets measure approximately 6” high to 13” high
  • Each section measures 24” long
  • Fence edging ideas include circles, corners or straight fences
  • The 8 pieces of edging border measure 16’ long when all connected
  • These interlocking fences also come in sets of 4
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