Flexible Fence Edging, Set of 8


With our Flexible Fence Edging, you’ll be able to instantly add that “white picket fence” look to your home. This set of eight garden fence edges interlocks and is super easy to install. This decorative garden fence offers versatile styling that can be modified to fit just about anywhere: lawn edging, add around a tree or decorate your flower beds. The garden edging ideas for your landscape design are endless. These weather resistant, durable plastic pieces have two stakes each that can be inserted securely into the ground.
  • Decorative pickets measure approximately 6” high to 13” high
  • Each section measures 24” long
  • Fence edging ideas include circles, corners or straight fences
  • The eight pieces of edging border measure 8’ long when all connected
  • These interlocking fences also come in sets of four
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