Flip Cover Ottoman by OakRidge™


Here's a padded flip top storage ottoman that's perfect for small spaces because it has multiple uses. Exclusively by OakRidge™ Accents, flip the top of this storage ottoman to use the flat side as a snack table. Remove the top to find storage space within. Side pocket. Plastic swivel wheels lock in place. 13" L x 10" W x 12" H. Vinyl covering. Wipe clean.
  • Easy Clean Surface – With the vinyl covering on all visible parts of the ottoman, you can wipe it clean in a hurry
  • Comfortable Small Size – The flip top ottoman only measures 13 by 10 by 12 inches, meaning it’s the perfect size for your feet, but it won’t occupy much space in the room
  • Multiple Use Unit – With a flip top, you can store items inside the ottoman, or you can use the side pocket to store narrow items like magazines or remote controls
  • Rolling Ottoman – We’ve placed casters on the four corners of the base of the ottoman, making it easy to roll anywhere
  • Flat Top Option – If you want to convert the ottoman to a snack table, just flip the top of the ottoman upside down, and you’ll have a flat surface for food and drinks
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