Foam Refill for Tub & Wall Scrubber



When it comes to cleaning your tub and surround, take the easy way out by ordering a Tub and Wall Scrubber refill from Walter Drake. Tub and Wall Scrubber refills from Walter Drake are designed to fit the Telescoping Tub and Wall Scrubber (sold separately), which is designed to make it easy to reach hard-to-clean areas without having to stoop, bend or arch your back. The refill scrubbing pads are just like the ones that originally come with the cleaning tool, offering incredible cleaning power without damaging the surface of your tub or shower. The refills are affordable and disposable, making quick work of your messiest problems.

Tub and Wall Scrubber refills from Walter Drake are surprisingly durable. The sponge-like cleaning heads are compatible with your favorite cleaning products and feature a scrubbing surface that helps gently remove stuck-on messes without damaging the finish of your bathroom fixtures. The layered refill head features a sponge base and a textured scrubbing top, offering the best of two popular cleaning tools. Refills are sold individually.

  • High-quality scrubber refill fits our telescopic tub and wall scrubber (sold separately)
  • Includes one 5 1/2" long x 1 1/2" high foam sponge
  • Durable scrubbing surface
  • Layered scrubber refill features a sponge base and a roughly textured scrubbing top
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