Folding Lap Desk with Tray



Work can't always wait until you reach the nearest desk or table. This storage folding lap desk provides a convenient flat surface for a variety of everyday activities. It's popular among students for doing homework when they're on a trip; meanwhile, adults love the simplicity for use in the living room and bedroom. The work surface opens to reveal the main compartment and two smaller ones for books, pens, glasses, calculators and many other supplies. Fold down the legs when you're done for easy storage. The tough plastic construction makes it completely waterproof to protect anything inside.

Order this lap desk for the car, your favorite chair, camping outings and other places where you need a solid work area. Among other things, you can use a storage lap desk to hold your laptop, textbooks, papers or a crossword puzzle. It's even a handy dining table in a pinch. It's an especially practical solution for adults with limited mobility who can't keep getting up for things. Turn any furniture or floor into your office thanks to the Walter Drake Folding Storage Lap Desk.

  • Provides smooth surface
  • 3 compartments inside
  • Collapsible legs for transport
  • Plastic
  • 17 3/4" W x 12 1/2" D x 7 1/4" H (folds down to 2")
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