Freezer Markers - Set of 2



Elevate your kitchen organization and meal prep efficiency with the Freezer Markers Set of 2, a must-have accessory for any home chef or busy household. These specially designed freezer marker pens allow you to quickly and easily label your freezer bags, containers, and other storage items directly. The ink from these markers is crafted to withstand cold temperatures, ensuring that your labels remain smudge-free and legible no matter how long they stay in the freezer.

With this set of two durable markers at hand, keeping track of food types, dates packed or use-by dates becomes a hassle-free task. This not only helps in reducing food waste by making it easier to identify and rotate stock but also aids in maintaining an organized kitchen space. Whether labeling homemade meals for future consumption or marking packages with specific dietary information, these freezer marker pens are up to the task.

Their easy-grip design ensures comfortable handling while writing on various surfaces commonly used in freezers such as plastic bags, foil wraps, glass containers—and more! Say goodbye to guessing games when sifting through frozen goods; make meal planning straightforward with this essential tool designed specifically for cold storage labeling needs—guaranteeing freshness and order within your culinary domain.

  • Fine-tip
  • Smudge-free and moisture-resistant ink
  • Set of 2
  • 5 1/4" L
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