Fully Assembled Hanging Mum Basket by OakRidge™



Find your beautiful secret to stunning display with an artificial flower basket available only at Walter Drake. This fully assembled hanging mum basket by Oakridge™ arrives already "planted" in its own hanging basket! It rivals nature's brilliance in your choice of several vibrant colors or a multi-color arrangement. The full flowering faux mums arrive nestled in a metal basket with a liner that looks like real coco fiber. Each piece is exclusively designed in durable weather-resistant materials with a sturdy metal chain.

Any season will be a season for charm and elegance with this affordable hanging imitation mum basket. The chrysanthemum is the flower of November but represents love and happiness any month of the year. Our fully assembled artificial flower basket is crafted of polyester, plastic and wire. Enjoy beauty that thrives in any conditions with no watering required from our one-stop home garden shop.

  • Made with polyester/plastic/wire
  • Basket measures 10" long x 10" wide
  • Chain measures 18" long with hook
  • Weather-resistant to withstand outdoor elements
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