Furnace Vent Extender



Don't let the heat from your HVAC system get trapped where people aren't going to feel it. A Walter Drake heating vent extender improves heat circulation so the entire house or apartment will be nice and toasty. Floor vents often find themselves underneath couches, beds, side tables and drapes that soak up the heat or block it from moving around. As a result, you end up with really warm furniture and a large heating bill. Our vent extenders redirect this precious warm air to where it can actually help the occupants.

It's easy to get the air moving when you have this durable plastic HVAC vent extender. Simply place the closed end over the floor vent. Air will then flow through the open end. The extender adjusts from 20 to 36" depending on your furniture size while the material deflects air with ease. You won't need long to feel the difference in your bones — and it won't take long for this affordable vent extender to pay for itself in reduced heating costs. Order online, by phone or by fax and stay warm this winter.

  • Air Deflector – Furnace vent extender redirects cool and warm air from under your bed, furniture and drapes out into your room for total comfort
  • Save Money – Save on your heating and cooling costs all year round, as you redirect the valuable air that can otherwise get trapped and wasted
  • Durable Construction – Designed of thick, durable plastic for long-lasting use, it’s clear color and modern appearance blends into your existing décor
  • Use Anywhere – Perfect for use under dressers, beds, nightstands, chairs, couches, drapes, closets and more, can be used on carpet, hardwood or any floor type
  • Expandable Vent – Air deflector measures 11 inches wide x 1 inch high, vent expands from 20 inches to 36 inches
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