Furniture Socks - Set of 8


Make sure your floors stay pristine with the help of this set of eight furniture socks from Walter Drake. These ribbed couch and chair leg socks are designed to keep your floors and furniture from being scratched. As an added bonus, they also allow you to easily and quietly slide furniture across the floor. The cotton and spandex material provides a perfectly snug fit—unlike felt pads which are more likely to fall off. Use this set of furniture socks for chairs, tables, antique pieces and more. With four colors from which to choose, you can easily find a sock style that blends in with your décor.
  • Help chairs slide quietly and easily while protecting floors
  • No more felt pads falling off
  • 100% cotton stretches to fit over furniture legs
  • Inside, rubberized grips keep the chair socks in place
  • Machine wash
  • Set of 8 is each 1 3/4"W x 3 1/2"H
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