Gap Cap for Stovetops - Aluminum - Set of 2



Smooth out the looks and style of a traditional kitchen by adding a gap hat to the stove. Our aluminum gap caps are for people who are tired of staring at the ugly divide between their stove and countertop — or who are tired of digging silverware, toothpicks and crumbs out of them. These long metal strips have a main cover that blocks off the gap and a perpendicular piece that slides into the gap. Magnets are included that grip the stove's edge without causing scratches or dents.

A stove counter gap cover set is quick and easy functional décor that makes both sides of your stove look better. Each strip is 20 1/2" long x 1 1/2" wide and is made of rust-resistant aluminum. The covers are simple to adjust and can be popped off when you need to clean off spills or oils. Gap caps for stoves may only have one job, but they do it very well at an affordable price. Order them from Walter Drake and they'll immediately become a kitchen essential.

  • Beautifully fills the gap between your counter and stove
  • Comes with magnets to grip your stove's edge
  • Gap covers adjust easily and pop off for cleaning
  • Set of 2, each 20 1/2" long x 1 1/2" wide
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