Garden Flags, Set Of 4


Don't miss decorating for a single holiday when you prepare with this set of 4 holiday flags from Miles Kimball. This garden flag set includes a seasonal flag for St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Valentine's Day and Independence Day. Each one is made from durable polyester that is easy to care for and resistant to fading. They measure 15" H x 11" W, making them the perfect size to be visible from outside your home. Each flag features a vibrant festive design that matches its corresponding holiday. One features a red, white and blue design while the others include an Easter bunny, red and pink hearts and a leprechaun hat filled with coins and four-leaf clovers.
  • Set of garden flags for holiday decorations
  • Includes four flags
  • Holidays include Independence Day, Easter, Valentine's Day and St Patrick's Day
  • Made from easy-care, fade-resistant polyester
  • Each one measures 15" high x 11" wide
  • Can be displayed on a metal display pole (sold separately)
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