Glow-In-The-Dark Numerals


These glow-in-the-dark house numbers glow forever, and without putting a strain on your electric bill. These large glowing house numbers feature a built-in luminescence that never wears out, with no batteries or bulbs to replace. During the day, they're easy to read and recharge in the daylight. At night, they glow brightly, making it a cinch to find your house in the dark. Durable 4" L x 2" W laminated sheets have nail holes for secure hanging. Or choose to use the peel-off pressure-sensitive backing for easy hanging as adhesive mailbox numbers or door number stickers.
  • Large glowing house numbers
  • Built-in luminescence never wears out
  • No batteries or bulbs to replace
  • Durable 4" x 2" laminated sheets
  • Includes nail holes or a peel-off backing for hanging
  • Also use for mailbox numbers or door numbers
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