Handy Cane Seat XL


This handy folding cane seat lets you rest when you want, then folds back into a walking cane. Cane seat is made of lightweight aluminum and has a cushioned grip handle with a vinyl 8 1/2" dia. seat and 3 rubber-tipped legs. This walking cane with seat weighs only 28 oz. and supports up to 250 lbs.! Folds to 32" H. No rush delivery.
  • Multifunction – This handy mobility helper can be used as a traditional walking cane, as well as a seat when you need rest, it quickly converts from a supportive walking cane when closed to a portable, go-anywhere stool when the 8 ½” dia. seat is opened
  • Lightweight – Weighing less than 2 pounds, this Deluxe Cane Seat is thoughtfully designed of lightweight aluminum and has a cushioned grip handle to assist in a secure stride
  • Tripod Legs – Versatile cane features 3 rubber-tipped legs that evenly distribute weight and provide stability when walking or sitting
  • Product Measurements – Perfect for travel and on-the-go activities, this Handy Cane Seat features a 21” high plastic seat and is 32” high overall
  • Product Safety – To sit safely, always straddle the seat and face the handle, handy cane seat weighs just 28 ounces and supports up to 250 lbs
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