He Is Risen Garden Flag



The modern Easter holiday for many is about egg hunts, bunnies and candy — but you know where the real spirit of it lies. Our "He is Risen" Easter garden flag spreads the good news that the holiday and festival first was born around. Celebrate the resurrection of Christ and your faith with a double-sided flag that lets everyone else know the news in a tasteful way. Each side has a wooden cross-draped in purple cloth. Gorgeous white Easter lilies surround the base of the cross and symbolize His rebirth.

A two-sided Easter outdoor yard flag from Walter Drake is a stunning way to incorporate the spring holiday's true meaning into your annual celebrations. Hang it from a 90-degree garden flag pole (sold separately) for display in your garden, on the front lawn or by the patio. The 18" long x 12" wide flag is made of heavyweight polyester with a 1 3/4" pole opening. Spot-clean your Easter flag as needed for years of amazing and meaningful outdoor décor. It's a great example of why we've been trusted for unique and affordable problem solvers since 1947.

  • Exclusive double-sided design
  • Designed in heavyweight polyester
  • Spot clean
  • Easter flag is 18" L x 12" W
  • Pole opening is 1 3/4" W (pole sold separately)
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