Heritage Vinyl Elasticized Table Cover By Home-Style Kitchen™


Fitted table covers are a smart and easy way to protect your tables from everyday wear and tear — as well as from water rings and scratches. Our Heritage Vinyl Fitted Table Cover by Home-Style Kitchen™ is a great choice! Its print features pretty white floral accents against a solid-color background. It is a perfect addition to add additional charm to a country-style home! This durable, heavy-duty elasticized tablecloth is incredibly easy to maintain — simply wipe it clean with a damp cloth or sponge. Along with its heavy-gauge vinyl construction, its flannel backing will further protect your table. It is available in multiple sizes and colors to complement your kitchen or your dining room. Use it as a casual everyday table cover or for when guests come over for brunch. Our fitted table covers are also great options to use outdoors to keep your cover in place in the wind.
  • Keep it Clean – Protect your tabletop with this high-quality vinyl table cover available in three stylish colors.
  • Fits Just Right – This table cover comes in three standard sizes and features elasticized edges for a snug fit that won’t budge during mealtimes.
  • Soft Protection – Fleece backing is included to protect against scratches and provide just a hint of padding.
  • Eco-Friendly – Rather than throwing away one-use vinyl tablecloths, use this durable table cover that can be used again and again.
  • Keep your table clean by slipping on this wood grain fitted vinyl table cover. The elasticized design provides a snug fit that stays in place while the fleece backing protects and cushions your tabletop. Simply wipe with a damp cloth for cleanup so you can reuse this tablecloth again and again.
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