Holiday Expressions Vinyl Table Cover by Chef's Pride™


Sweet holiday sentiments like "jingle", "believe", "ho! ho! ho!" and "merry Christmas" brighten this vinyl table cover, while colorful snowflakes, candy canes, wreaths and wrapped presents complete the fun, festive look. Designed by Chef's Pride™ in durable, heavy-gauge vinyl, the drop-style table cover boasts a smooth, flawless look that's perfect for seasonal entertaining and everyday dining — and in warmer climates, an outdoor holiday brunch. Lending whimsical Christmas style to any setting, the vinyl winter tablecloth resists spills and stains, while soft, flocked 100% polyester backing protects table surfaces from scratches. No washing or maintenance to keep this charming Christmas table cover looking great; simply wipe clean with a damp cloth, and enjoy for many seasons to come. Imported.
  • Sturdy, heavy-gauge vinyl resists spills and stains
  • 100% polyester backing protects from scratches
  • Great for everyday dining or holiday entertaining
  • Imported tablecover wipes clean with a damp cloth
  • By Chef's Pride™
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