Home Sweet Home Puzzles by Holiday Peak™, Set of 4


This Home Sweet Home Puzzle Set by Holiday Peak™ treats you to 4 spectacular landscapes—drawing you in with majestic mountains and rolling hills, vibrant gardens and lush forests, quiet blue waterways and quaint, cozy homes. Inspired by our exclusive Holiday Peak™ notecards boasting the same brilliant artwork, each puzzle in the Home Sweet Home set features bright, vivid colors and 506 sturdy pieces, providing a challenging, rewarding puzzle experience. The 4-puzzle set makes a wonderful gift for any occasion and provides an enjoyable group experience for puzzle clubs, senior centers, family get-togethers and church groups. A great chance to indulge your own puzzle passion, piecing together a jigsaw is a proven way to relax and unwind from the stress of the day, take a break from technology, keep your brain active and enjoy a sense of accomplishment. This affordable set offers 4 times the puzzle fun to enjoy and share … and the finished set of 4 will look amazing displayed together! Each 506-piece jigsaw measures 19" x 14" when completed. SMALL PARTS. Not for <3 yrs.
  • Great for indoor fun or as a gift
  • Inspired by our Holiday Peak™ notecards with the same original artwork
  • Set of four 19" x 14" jigsaw puzzles
  • 506 die-cut pieces per puzzle
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