Illusion Weave Vinyl Drop Table Cover By Home-Style Kitchen™



A Home-Style Kitchen™ Illusion Weave Vinyl Table Cover makes any dining table look better without lengthy clean-up. These classic vinyl tablecloths look like woven fabric but simply wipe clean following a meal. It takes seconds to remove crumbs and spills using a damp sponge or washcloth. The simple fantasy-like pattern complements almost any décor style. It also has a polyester soft flannel backing to prevent scratches and scuffs from ruining the table beneath.

Using vinyl patterned drop table covers will quickly dress up your tables for a holiday meal or summer get-together. Some like the look enough that they just leave them on the table year-round! The waterproof material makes them a great choice for patio and outdoor dining, too. We offer this tablecloth in several oblong and round sizes with four different colors. It's lightweight without being flimsy so you can easily lay your table cover out or fold it up for storage. Walter Drake can help you get the dining area ready with high-quality, easy-care vinyl tablecloths at affordable prices that will impress guests.

  • Made with easy-care 100% vinyl
  • Classic drop style complements any dining area
  • 100% flannel backing protects tabletop from spills and scratches
  • Wipe clean
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