Insulated Coffee Carafe by Chef's Pride



Drink coffee the way you like it by pouring a mug from a Chef's Pride Insulated Coffee Carafe. These unbreakable thermal coffee pitchers have a gorgeous swirled outer pattern styled after the ones often seen in restaurants, cafés and fancy hotels. But the outside looks are nothing compared to what's underneath. The stain-proof polycarbonate liner and triple-wall insulation keep coffee, tea or hot chocolate warm and fresh longer so the second cup tastes better. Pour it using the thumb lever on the handle that seals the pot shut when not in use. These amazing features are protected by an impact-resistant resin outer shell that survives tips and drops.

An insulated carafe is a great addition to any home or small office where coffee drinkers are found. The 20-oz. thermal java pitcher is ideal for one- or two-person apartments while the 42-oz. carafe will satisfy a whole family of brew nuts. Both sizes can be ordered in black or white to complement the rest of your kitchenware. Hand-wash it after use and you'll be ready for the next morning's pot of Joe! The insulated carafe is a great deal that will pay for itself every time the coffee hits your lips.

  • Stylish thermal coffee carafe provides easy pouring with a large, comfortable handle
  • Simply press thumb lever down to pour and release to seal
  • Made of impact-resistant resin with swirled pattern outside
  • Both 20-oz. and 42-oz. insulated carafes feature an unbreakable, odorless, stain-proof polycarbonate liner with triple-wall polyurethane insulation to keep coffee hot and fresh longer
  • Hand-wash
  • Not safe for microwave use
  • By Chef's Pride™
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