Ironing Mat with Magnetic Corners


Iron virtually anywhere — no board required! Heat-resistant quilted ironing mat unfolds in seconds, providing a safe space to iron on any hard surface, including countertops and washer/dryer tops. Four built-in 600-gauss magnets cling to metal surfaces to secure mat in place as you iron. Double-layer quilted cotton withstands temps up to 356°F and prevents steam from getting through. Polyester magnetic ironing mat. Wipe with clean towel. Hand wash; air dry. 18" W x 33 1/2" L. Folds for compact storage.
  • Provides a safe space to iron on any hard surface
  • Four built-in 600-gauss magnets
  • Double-layer quilted cotton
  • Polyester withstands temps up to 356°F
  • Wipe with clean towel, hand wash, air dry
  • 18"W x 33 1/2"L
  • Folds for compact storage
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