Jumbo Lazy Susan



Why clutter a table with bottles, jars and bowls? This large lazy susan keeps condiments a spin away! Keep dressings, spices and sauces accessible on a roomy wooden lazy susan. It can also be used to hold napkins, snacks, beverages many other things you need for a successful meal. Our large wood lazy susan measure 16" in diameter with a smooth bare wood finish. A 3" high rail and spindles prevent items from sliding or tipping off.

Make it easy to season your favorite foods with an affordable lazy susan that has a traditional decorative design. Set it on the dining room table or use it as a spinning kitchen spice rack. A lazy susan is great for enclosed patios and picnic tables, too. Walter Drake is here to help you organize your kitchen and dining room with practical accessories at low prices.

NOTE: Bottles not included.
  • Convenient Turntable – Use on the kitchen table to keep all of your condiments within reach
  • Organize with Ease – Keep spice cabinets tidy and organized and never dig for those out of reach spices
  • Not Just for Kitchens – Great for use in family rooms, countertops, bathroom cabinets and more, keeping your essentials within reach
  • Jumbo Sized – Spacious 15" diameter surface leaves room for napkins, condiments and even side dishes
  • Wood Finish – Lovely wood finish and spindles make a great accent to any table or countertop
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