Lap Desk



You'll always have a good place to do work or play card games when you own a lightweight lap desk with side handles. This portable wood table rests on the arms of your favorite chair, providing a stable place to write letters, eat dinner, check emails, solve crossword puzzles or do crafting. With a 31" x 12" surface, you can fit the largest laptop on this lap desk. It also has two rubber bands to hold papers and other items in place. The grip handles make carrying your lap table a breeze.

Walter Drake has the best lap desks at low prices for enjoying your favorite activities where you want. A lap writing desk is a great product for people with limited mobility and allows anyone to do things in whatever place makes them most comfortable. The oak finish adds a nice dose of style while the curved shape naturally wraps around the torso with no squeezing. As long as a chair has arms, you can transform it into a work area, dining table or craft center thanks to this unique desk.

  • Rests on chair's arms
  • Includes 2 large elastic bands to secure papers
  • 31" L x 12" W
  • Lightweight
  • Grips for carrying
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