Large Print Address, Email & Password Book



In today's digital age, where we're inundated with information, our spiral name and address booklet from Walter Drake stands as a beacon of simplicity for managing your connections. Whether you prefer the charm of snail mail or the speed of email, this versatile email address book is designed to keep all your contacts in one convenient place.

The left pages mirror a classic address book layout—providing ample room to record names, physical addresses, phone numbers, and email details. Turn to the right pages whenever you need quick access to online credentials; here lies space dedicated for usernames and password log-ins across various websites that are part of your daily routine.

Forget about pestering friends repeatedly for their info or enduring the hassle of constant password resets. With everything neatly noted down in our large print address and internet book—which boasts 96 spacious pages—you'll be reading back entries without squinting or second-guessing what was written.

Its durable spiral binding ensures longevity while allowing each page to lay flat effortlessly—an underrated feature when it comes time actually use it! This thoughtful design detail speaks volumes about its practicality over years worth using.

Consider ordering an extra password booklet as an insightful gift—it might just be what someone needs help organize their growing list important bits pieces data. After all not only useful but also shows care keeping loved ones' life bit more orderly!

Discover how this unique piece stationery can become invaluable resource within everyday living—and why many turn Walter Drake exclusive values they seek reliable reference tool.

  • Large Print Address, Email and Password Book
  • Contains 96 alphabetized pages
  • Generous large print for easy-to-read access
  • Spiral bound
  • Measures approximately 7 1/4" long x 5" wide
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