Lavender Scented Mattress Cover by OakRidge™



Protect your mattress from stains as well as wear and tear with our Lavender-Scented Mattress Cover, a Walter Drake exclusive by OakRidge™. This lavender-infused mattress pad uses aromatherapy to ensure your best night sleep ever. Lavender, renowned for its soothing properties, may also boost your mood, reduce anxiety, lower blood pressure and reduce inflammation. Some studies have even suggested that lavender may help improve your body’s melatonin levels, the hormone in your body that plays an important role in sleep.

Constructed from super-soft polyester with poly fill, this lavender mattress cover is available in four sizes: Twin (75” long x 39” wide); Full (75” long x 54” wide); Queen (80” long x 60” wide); and King (80” long x 78” wide). Its corners will fit mattresses up to 16” deep and the soft lavender scent will last up to 20 washes. Easy care, too — this pad is fully machine washable, tumble dry low. Since 1947, our customers have counted on Walter Drake to provide them with unique finds that are affordable and useful in their lives.

  • Polyester with poly fill and lavender
  • Available in Twin (75" long x 39" wide), Full (75" long x 54" wide), Queen (80" long x 60" wide) or King (80" long x 78" wide)
  • All bed protectors fit mattresses up to 16" deep
  • Protects your mattress from stains and wear
  • Machine wash. Lavender scent lasts up to 20 washes
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