Locking Magnetic Jewelry Clasps - Set Of 4


Use these locking magnetic jewelry clasps from Walter Drake to make it easier than ever to put on your favorite accessories. These magnetic necklace clasps fasten to existing links on the ends of jewelry strands. The specially designed interlocking ridges help to keep the magnetic clasps in place.
If you struggle to attach the normal clasps on your jewelry, you'll love that these magnetic clasps allow you to attach and detach your favorite necklaces, bracelets and anklets without assistance from others. When you get this set of four magnetic clasps, jewelry instantly becomes easier to put on and take off by yourself.
  • Set of 4 locking clasps
  • Lobster claw attachments
  • Make necklaces and bracelets simple to attach
  • Interlocking ridges keep magnets securely clasped
  • Made of 70% alloy/25% iron/5% magnet
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