Long Reach Foot Brush



Tired of having to reach down whenever you have dirty feet? Now you can cleanse your toes without stooping or bending. Our long-handled foot brush has two interchangeable sponge heads: one for cleaning and one for applying lotions or medicines. The nylon bristles on the handle can give you a stimulating massage to relieve soreness after a long day.

A foot cleaning brush is a great tool for someone who has mobility and balance issues that make it hard to either lift their feet up or bend over. This foot groomer measures 25" long and has a rope loop to hang on a wall hook. Add a set of 3 brush head refills so you're ready when one of them gets worn out. Read long-reach foot brush reviews from actual customers to see why they love it. Walter Drake helps people of all ages with unique personal care products at great prices.

  • Two interchangeable heads for cleaning and applying lotions or medicines
  • Nylon bristles on handle
  • 25" long
  • Refill heads available
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