Long Reach Telescoping Duster



Clean better, faster and smarter with a Long-Reach Telescoping Duster by Oakridge™. This everyday essential from Walter Drake eliminates the need for precarious ladders or stepstools to get the dust off hard-to-reach places in your home.

Simply extend the long handle from 35 to 63" on this telescopic duster to reach high enough to clean light fixtures, skylights, tall open ceilings, ceiling fans and staircases.

The soft, washable brush detaches from the telescoping handle to be used as a handheld duster. This clever telescoping duster helps you clean from floor to ceiling.

  • Long-Reach Telescoping Duster Brush
  • Handle is adjustable between 35" long to 63" long
  • Washable polyester fibers
  • Handle detaches to use this brush as a handheld duster
  • Hand wash brush with mild soap
  • air dry
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