Lovely Lace Vinyl Table Cover by Chef's Pride™


Charming any table, this vinyl tablecloth features an array of lacy flowers for an elegant twist on everyday dining. Great for patio parties, casual entertaining or campsite suppers, the floral table cover is crafted of premium, heavy-gauge vinyl for spillproof, moisture-resistant protection, indoors or out. Soft, flocked 100% polyester backing protects table surfaces from scratches, and this drop-style vinyl table cover is a breeze to clean—simply wipe up crumbs or spills with a damp dishcloth, kitchen towel or paper toweling. Beautiful, durable and simple to care for, the Lovely Lace Vinyl Table Cover is designed by Chef's Pride™. Imported.
  • Premium vinyl construction
  • soft flannel backing
  • Protects tables from damage
  • Elegant drop-style cover has finished edges
  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use
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