Magnetic Register Covers Set/3



Just about everyone is looking for ways to boost their heating and cooling efficiency and save money nowadays. With affordable home solutions and must-have problem-solving products from Walter Drake, saving money on your energy bills is easy. Our set of 3 air vent covers are a great way to block the heating and cooling registers in your unused rooms. These convenient magnetic vent covers also keep your home's air ducts clean and minimize dust, dirt and animal hair during those seasons when you can have the windows open and let in that fresh air.

These easy-to-use magnetic vent covers are a no-nonsense way to cover those vents. Forget the difficult-to-install metal vent covers of the past; these vinyl magnetic air register covers are pliable, lightweight and require no equipment to install. Our white vinyl set of three magnetic air vent covers stay put, thanks to their strong magnetic surface. They're generously sized and accommodate a wide range of air vent sizes, styles and designs.

  • Magnetic Vent Covers
  • Set of three magnetic register covers
  • White
  • Helps control heating and cooling in rooms
  • Help modify heating and cooling in specific areas that tend to be chilly or that blow directly on you
  • 15 1/2" wide x 8" high, each
  • Can be cut to fit a specific size
  • Can be painted to accommodate any décor
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