Magnetic Windshield Cover


Practical solutions to your everyday problems are the name of the game here at Walter Drake. Wondering how to completely eliminate snow and ice on your windshield this winter season? Or perhaps you're wondering how to keep those pesky leaves out of the windshield of your car when you park under that giant oak tree in your driveway? Look no further than our innovative magnetic windshield cover that magically keeps snow, ice, leaves, bird droppings and other environmental debris off of your car's windshield. Whether you need a winter windshield cover for your car or a magnetic windshield cover for all seasons, our affordable windshield cover will take care of your needs with zero effort.
Our magnetic windshield cover is made from heavy-duty Teflon™-coated polyester that clings to the sides of your car with its powerful magnets. Measuring 38 1/4" W x 60" L, this convenient windshield cover fits just about all standard car and SUV makes and models. Grab this ingenious magnetic car cover in spring, summer, winter and fall and never worry about that missing ice scraper, your car's poor defrost system or those dangerously iced-up windshields ever again. Easily stow and go for simple transport.
  • Magnetic Windshield Cover
  • Durable polyester is coated with Teflon
  • Protects windshield from ice and snow — as well as twigs and leaves
  • Measures approximately 38 1/4" high x 60" long
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