Marble Cheese Slicer



Elevate your cheese serving experience with the sophisticated Marble Cheese Slicer from Walter Drake, a must-have for any cheese aficionado. This premium accessory combines elegance and practicality, allowing you to effortlessly craft perfectly even slices of your cherished cheeses. The slicer is ingeniously designed with a slender yet robust stainless steel wire that glides through various types of cheese—be it soft brie or hard cheddar—without compromising its structure by crushing or crumbling.

Accommodating cheese blocks up to 5" long x 2 1/4" wide x 4 1/2" high, this tool ensures each slice is uniform in size, enhancing both presentation and taste. One standout feature is its marble base; not only does it add an air of sophistication to your kitchen or dining table, but it also maintains the coolness of the cheese. This characteristic aids in achieving cleaner cuts while preserving the integrity and flavor profile of each variety.

Stability during slicing is assured thanks to non-slip rubber feet affixed to the cutter's base, safeguarding surfaces against scratches while ensuring consistent performance. To extend its utility life, this exquisite marble cheese slicer comes equipped with two replacement wires—a thoughtful inclusion guaranteeing countless gourmet experiences ahead. Please note: For best care practices and preservation of quality, hand-washing is recommended.

  • Clean, Quick Cutting – This serving tray includes a stainless-steel wire that cuts cleanly through even the hardest blocks of cheese.
  • Stylish Design – 100% Marble Board makes the perfect cheese board. The smooth marble surface is non-toxic and cleans up in a breeze. Marble is a natural elegant stone in shades of gray and white.
  • Secure and Safe – Durable stainless steel arm and wire cutter makes perfect slices of almost any cheese. Cool the board in the refrigerator prior to serving to keep the cheese fresh during warm days.
  • Sized Just Right – Features non-slip rubber feet to protect your table and provide stability. Includes two replacement wires. Marble cheese cutting board is 8 “ long x 5” wide x 1” High. 8 x 5 inch base.
  • Simple Storage – This versatile display comes complete with a metal hook for hanging or an easel back, allowing for freestanding display.
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