Men's Edema Slippers



Sometimes your health challenges and health issues can affect the feet, causing them to uncomfortably swell and retain water. Whether these issues are caused by kidney problems or diabetes, the truth is that there are days where your regular shoes are too tight to wear. At these times, reach for your trusty, soothing edema slippers that offer an adjustable fit. Our edema slippers for men offer a non-binding, adjustable fit that you'll appreciate when your feet are uncomfortable and sore.

These edema slippers feature a breathable polycotton upper and a poly sherpa interior that cradle your feet in comfort. The hook and loop strap adjust in an instant for a personalized fit that is ultra-comfortable and made just for you. Wide foot? No problem. Our edema slippers for men have a wide footprint and a high toe box for extra-comfort. You'll appreciate the non-slip bottom of our edema slippers for secure, safe grip on slippery surfaces. Walter Drake has the clothing and the edema slippers you need to ensure comfort, safety and warmth — even on those days when you're challenged by your health problems.

  • Soothing edema slippers offer an adjustable fit
  • Poly sherpa interior
  • polycotton upper
  • Hook and loop adjustable front allows you to customize your comfort
  • Non-slip soles
  • Wide footprint
  • high toe box
  • Available in medium through extra-large sizes
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