Metal Patriotic Eagle Wall Hanging by Fox River™ Creations


With star-spangled wings and striped feathers, this eagle wall hanging is a symbol of hope and freedom — offering proud American spirit to your landscape or home. A versatile patriotic decoration for indoor/outdoor use, the eagle wall mount is crafted of durable, yet lightweight 100% metal, wonderfully detailed and hand painted in red, white and blue. Boasting a majestic wingspan and stunning pose, he makes a bold statement when "perched" on your backyard fence, front porch, garage, shed or any indoor wall. Perfect for patriotic holidays or year-round display, this unique indoor/outdoor wall hanging is exclusively designed by Fox River™ Creations. Easy 3-pc. assembly; wings attach for display and detach for storage. Patriotic wall hanging includes hook on back for easy hanging. 19 1/2" L x 27" W.
  • Indoor/outdoor wall hanging is perfect for patriotic holidays or year-round display
  • Exclusively designed by Fox River™ Creations
  • Easy 3-pc. assembly
  • Wings attach for display and detach for storage
  • Includes hook on back for easy hanging
  • 19 1/2" long x 27" wide
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