Mini Stepper XL



Say goodbye to big, bulky exercise equipment or an expensive gym membership and get in great shape with the Mini Stepper®. This small but powerful workout machine is made for home use. It supports up to 220 pounds and has an adjustable tension level to make steps as easy or as hard as you need. This mini stair stepper also has a pedometer and digital monitor to track many aspects of your workout, including time, total steps, steps/minute and calories burned. The steel frame is smaller than a vacuum and fits in any closet or under the bed for storage.

With our mini stair steppers, you'll soon have maximum fitness at a minimum price. Use this low-impact workout stepper at home while watching TV or get in some steps in a hotel room while you're on the road. It operates using a standard electrical outlet or the included AA battery. All of this costs less than two months' membership at the local gym. Tone your lower body, slim your waistline and improve circulation with 24/7 online ordering on the best home stepping workout equipment from Walter Drake.

NOTE: Rush delivery not available.

  • 16" long x 12" wide x 44 1/2" high
  • Supports up to 220 lbs.
  • Pedometer and digital monitor helps you track your workout
  • Adjustable tension level offers a customized workout
  • Easy assembly
  • Uses 1 AA battery (included)
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