Monthly Bill Organizer


Stay on top of all your bills and purchases with the help of this monthly bill organizer from Walter Drake. This book features 12 pages—one for each month of the year. To use the ledger, simply record your due dates, payments and earnings on each line. The pages are pocketed as well, providing a handy place to keep your bills. Once you've sent in the proper payments, you can check the paid column, allowing you to see any paid and unpaid bills at a glance so you never fall behind.
Use this monthly bill sorter to track your finances and keep important documents organized efficiently. This is a great gift for young adults living on their own for the first time or for older individuals who want to make sure no bills slip through the cracks.
  • Monthly bill organizer book
  • Allows you to track payments, due dates and earnings
  • Included pocketed pages for storing paper bills
  • Helps you view expenses at a glance
  • Check off bills as you pay them to avoid paying twice
  • Features a convenient spiral-bound design
  • Fitted with 12 pages, one for each month
  • Measures 7" wide x 9" high
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