Monthly Bill Organizer



Stay on top of all your bills and purchases with the help of our handy Monthly Bill Organizer with Pockets from Walter Drake. This book features 12 convenient pages — one for each month of the year. To use the ledger, simply record your due dates, expenses and the amounts paid on each line. Keep track of your gross earnings, net earnings, deposits, savings and more for an at-a-glance reference that will make your end-of-year taxes and financial assessments a breeze.

The bill organizer’s pages are pocketed as well, providing a secure place to keep your bills and receipts. The convenient spiral binding lies flat for ease of use. Once you've sent in the proper payments, you can check the “paid” column, which allows you to see any paid and unpaid bills quickly. The “notes” section allows you to write reminders, events and other occasions for that month. You will never fall behind or feel disorganized again!

Use this monthly bill organizer book with pockets to track your finances and to keep important documents organized efficiently. Our bill organizer is a great gift for young adults living on their own for the first time or for older individuals who want to make sure no bills slip through the cracks.

  • Organize and manage your household bills and finances with this simple, easy to use 7" x 9" Monthly Bill Organizer.
  • Includes pocketed pages to file receipts, bills even tax information.
  • This spiral bound organizer comprises of neatly organized pages for each month allowing you to plan for upcoming expenses.
  • Establish good credit by recording itemized goals. Check off when you have paid your bills for peace of mind at a simple glance.
  • Great for any household or small business.
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