Multipurpose Bendable Cleaning Brush by Chef's Pride™


This Multipurpose Bendable Cleaning Brush bends 45° in 2 directions—flexing open to get in and scrub corners, curves and crevices, or flexing closed to hug faucets, shower doors, grab bars and more. Use the versatile scrub brush in a straight position to clean flat surfaces like kitchen counters, or flex it to clean multiple surfaces throughout your home. Great for cleaning sinks, bathtubs, faucets, appliances, tile floors and more, the flexible brush's sturdy bristles are also great for cleaning tennis shoes or scrubbing doormats. Thanks to this do-it-all home and bathroom brush that bends and flexes, you can efficiently scrub multiple surfaces without switching cleaning tools. Made of 100% polypropylene. Features hanging hole for storage. Measures 2 1/3" L x 1 1/2" W x 6" H. By Chef's Pride™.
  • 100% polypropylene
  • Measures 2 1/3" long x 1 1/2" wide x 6" high
  • Flexible design bends 45° in 2 directions
  • Use in the kitchen or bathroom to scrub corners, curves and crevices that normal brushes can't clean easily
  • Features hanging hole for storage
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