Mum Bush by OakRidge™



Add OakRidge™ Outdoor artificial mums to your home and create an instant impact! These faux potted mums are lush and lifelike in rich, vibrant colors. Each bush includes 10 full, fabulous polyester silk flowers to create the appearance of a full bouquet. Artificial mum florals are hassle-free, letting you enjoy their long-lasting beauty without worrying about sunlight, watering, pruning or soil messes.

Our 19" artificial mums are versatile décor for indoor or outdoor use. Hang them in the kitchen, office or bedroom for everyday decoration and DIY projects. Or use these mums outside for holidays, memorials, weddings and birthdays. They have flexible plastic and iron stems that can adjust to any hanging basket, vase or pot. Do deer eat mums? Not when they're faux silk mums from Walter Drake! Get a bush today inspired by nature's best.

Note: We've shown two bushes per pot; pots are not included.

  • Artificial mums are lush and lifelike
  • Each bush includes 10 silk flower heads
  • Hassle-free design for indoor or outdoor use
  • Vibrant colors
  • 19" long with plastic/iron stems
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